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one smart connection to a multitude of rewards

Are you looking for a platform where you can easily integrate your own choice of rewards into your incentive campaign? Motisha’s Open Rewards Market place, the first of its kind, already comes with a wide range of high-quality gifts, vouchers, experiences, and events so you can immediately kick start your incentive campaign. But it’s smarter than that as you can even add your own rewards easily. How good is that?
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Open market place eco-system

The Motisha Open Rewards Market place comes with a wide range of high-quality gifts, vouchers, experiences, and events so you can get your incentive campaign started immediately. This means you don’t have to invest time contacting different reward companies and can fully focus on your campaign. Remarkably though, its open architecture enables you to negotiate directly for the best conditions (prices and Service Level Agreements) with all the reward suppliers and even lets you quickly and easily plug in your own offering of rewards.

Full range of high-quality rewards
Power up your campaign rapidly by choosing from the extensive offer of gifts, vouchers, events and experiences already available. Save time and effort and focus fully on your campaign.

Negotiate directly with suppliers
Motisha’s Open Market place secures you the best rewards deals, is fully transparent (both price and SLAs), and lets you take full control of your incentive campaign.

Use the in-built filters
Choose personalised rewards for every group of participants you want to motivate and reinforce your brand or campaign significantly.

Open API for quick rewards integration
Use our easy-to-use Open API connection to quickly add rewards of your own or integrate those from new suppliers into your incentive campaign.

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Reward suppliers

If you are a reward supplier and would like to be part of Motisha’s B2B Open Rewards Market place of gifts, vouchers, events and experiences, you should get in touch now.

Easy set-up and presentation
Open API makes automatic connections easy. All you have to do is describe and present your offer.

Full control
Full control of who you deal with, and supply

Generate extra sales all over the world

Receive greater exposure and leverage your business through one smart connection to brands and companies all over the world.

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