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An idea

From vision to reality

It has always been a personal dream and ambition of our CEO, Gunther Everaert, to establish a company that offers a unique service to other businesses. Given his passion for communications, especially corporate communications, it was evident that this should be our starting point in 2002. Our initial projects included corporate websites, annual reports, and recruitment communications.

One fateful night, during a brainstorming session with a friend who was active in e-commerce, the idea for a motivational platform emerged. This platform would allow people to earn points for their achievements, which they could then redeem at a rewarding shop. In 2004, the seed for Motisha’s current value offering was planted.

Over the years, our technology has proven to be the key differentiator for companies. It enables them to swiftly launch, manage, and scale smart incentive solutions. With several awards and an international customer base, Motisha has successfully executed campaigns in over 100 countries and 15 languages, delivering more than a million rewards globally. Our engaged team is more than ready for the future, committed to helping our customers unlock their full human potential. It’s all about engagement!

Our values



We are driven by innovation and excellence. Our passion is the heartbeat of our work, pushing us to deliver outstanding solutions that make a difference.



We embrace the unknown and constantly seek out new ideas and perspectives, believing that every question is a doorway to discovery.



We celebrate the diversity of our team and the uniqueness of every individual. Mutual respect guides our interactions and is the foundation of our collaborative environment.



We set ambitious goals and pursue them with tenacity, overcoming challenges and learning from each setback.



We take time to celebrate our achievements, big and small. Recognizing each other’s contributions fosters a sense of community and joy in our workplace.

Our story

Logo's of our first clients when we started out Motisha in 'the living room'.

Living Room Kickstart

On April 24, 2002, Motisha was founded as qcs|communications, focusing on corporate communications with an emphasis on online platforms. Founder Gunther Everaert began selling from home, securing key customers such as Heijmans Group, Vandemoortele, and Alcopa Group.

Picture of first office building in Ghent.

First office in Ghent

We moved into our first office in Ghent and started expanding our team. Wouter Deraeve joined as our first in-house developer in 2005 and remains a valued team member to this day.

Screenshot of our first incentive program.

Launch of First Online Incentive Program

We launched our first online incentive program for GE, motivating their teams and establishing a long-term relationship with the company.

Screenshot of the Coca Cola campaign in 2005.

First Reseller Agreement

We signed our first partnership with a reseller, Unlimited Communications in the Netherlands, and launched programs for major clients like Chrysler, Coca-Cola, and UPC.

Screenshot of the Belgacom campaign in 2006.

First Major RFP Win

Our first major RFP win was for Belgacom (now Proximus), Belgium's leading telecom company, where we incentivized employees, salespeople, resellers, and distributors through a unified system.

Screenshot of the Taminco campaign in 2007.

First Cross-Continent Program

We launched our first international incentive and recognition programs, spanning three continents and five languages, for Taminco's employees and Enfocus software resellers.

Group picture Motisha.

Company Rebranding

We rebranded from qcs|communications to SwingGroup to focus on integrated incentive and loyalty solutions, introducing products like SwingGift — the first B2B online voucher platform in the Benelux — SwingJob, and SwingCard.

Picture of our new office in Ghent.

New Office for Growth

We moved to a larger office in Ghent with our own warehouse, managing rewards ourselves to improve customer service before transitioning to the partner model we use today.

3 Swingscards next to each other.

Launch of SwingCard

We launched the first B2B prepaid open-loop gift card in the Benelux, with KBC as the issuing banking partner.

Logo IMA Europe 2011

Strengthening International Network

Motisha joined IMA Europe, expanding our international presence in the incentive, loyalty, and recognition industry. With our founder still active as a board member and team actively participating in industry growth across Europe.

Picture building current HQ.

Move to Current HQ

Motisha relocated to its current headquarters in Bruges, from where we run our international operations.

Screenshots KBC vipping

Major SaaS Customer

We won a major RFP with KBC, providing an all-in-one incentive, recognition, and engagement platform for their employees and customers.

Screenshot Partner Channel program

Multicampaign Channel Partner Program

We launched our first channel partner program for TechData, integrating vendor campaigns from HP, Microsoft, and Dell to maximize partner loyalty.

Logo Motivation Awards 2015

International Awards

We won our first international awards at the London IMA Awards: 'Best Use of Technology', 'Best Channel Incentive Program', and 'Most Improved Business Performance Program'.

Current logo Motisha

Motisha Brand Created

To support our international growth, the company was renamed to Motisha, meaning 'Motivating People' in Swahili.

Picture München

Expanding International Sales

We opened our first sales office in Munich, supporting the DACH market (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland).

Picture of the team with the award.

International Award

We won the 'Best Technology' award at the 2019 London IMA Awards.

Motisha's cloud.

Launch of Motisha Cloud 3.0

We introduced the next generation of our SaaS products with Motisha Cloud 3.0, delivering world-leading engagement solutions to employees, customers, and partners.

Logo's international resellers: ITA - Boost - Harco.

International Reseller Expansion

We signed our first international technology reseller agreements in the US and Switzerland.

IMA Summit Award 2020

International Award

We won the 'Best Use of Technology' award at the 2020 international IMA summit.

Screenshot campaign Givve.

Major International Customer Loyalty Program

We launched a customer loyalty platform for a leading prepaid card provider, reaching 400k participants with top-up payments and automated end-to-end invoicing.

Screenshot campaign Intel

Major International Incentive Program

We launched an enterprise engagement program in over 100 countries and 13 languages for Intel.

Comarch and Motisha

Global Reseller Agreement

We signed our first global reseller agreement with Comarch, a leading retail loyalty software provider.

Incentive Awards 2022

International Award

We won the 'Best Technology' award at the 2022 international IMA summit.

Logo's customers.

Loyal Customers

We extend our heartfelt thanks to our key customers for their long-term trust, which has been the foundation of our growth and future success. We look forward to many more years of collaboration.