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Motisha Academy

Boost your sales performance

Three hands-on webinars to discover your roadmap to increasing sales success. March 28th, April 4th and April 11th.

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A laptop showing an image of the two speakers of the Motisha webinar series.

Exploring loyalty trends in Belgium with Motisha

Discover the latest trends in Belgian loyalty marketing with insights from Motisha, Mando-Connect, and Loyalty Chiefs.

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Understanding Loyalty in Europe: Market Snapshot Belgium

Key Insights from the 2023 European Incentive Marketing Report - Benelux Edition

The 2023 European Incentive Marketing Report - Benelux Edition, co-authored by Motisha, provides valuable insights into the trends, challenges, and future opportunities in this dynamic sector.

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IMA Benelux - Benelux Regional Market Snapshot 2023

The power of meaningful recognition and rewards

Meaningful recognition and rewards are essential for boosting engagement. Show appreciation for a job well done and provide incentives that motivate and inspire employees, customers or partners.

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Screenshot of a loyalty program's reward shop

Understanding human experience in the digital age

Demonstrating appreciation for achievements and offering incentives not only motivates but also inspires employees, customers, and partners alike.

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The Engagement Flywheel

Motisha and Comarch team up to revolutionize loyalty programs

Motisha is partnering with Comarch, a global provider of business efficiency software, to elevate the Comarch Loyalty Marketing Cloud (LMC) platform. This exciting collaboration is set to introduce a highly engaging loyalty member frontend, pre-integrated with the LMC backend for faster deployment and full customization to meet specific business needs.

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Comarch logo

Expanding customer loyalty: Motisha partners with givve®

Teaming up with givve®, a German fintech company known for its innovative loyalty and benefit programs.

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UP Givve

Motisha and ITA Group team up to enhance global engagement solutions

Motisha is joining forces with ITA Group, a renowned global engagement agency from the United States.

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ITA Group

Motisha 2020 Benelux Incentive & Loyalty Market Overview

Explore the insights from Motisha's 2020 Benelux Incentive & Loyalty Market Overview, where Gunther Everaert, CEO of Motisha, discusses the pandemic's profound influence on Belgium and the Netherlands' incentive and loyalty sector.

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Gunther Everaert, CEO of Motisha, presenting a slide deck.

Elevating employee listening: A comprehensive guide

In today's workplace, especially amidst crises like COVID-19, listening to your employees is crucial. This guide explores why elevating employee listening is essential during tough times and provides practical steps for effective implementation.

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Elevating employee listening: A comprehensive guide