Engage Life

Put people first

Put people first

Our platform lets your employees celebrate milestones with physical rewards, customized experiences, or easy-to-use vouchers. By fostering appreciation, our platform motivates employees to give their best.

Engage Life connects your team to your company, significantly reducing employee turnover, and helps you build a loyal and committed team that drives your company forward.

Empower your team

Reward your employees with Engage Life. Custom rewards enhance company culture, boost satisfaction, and improve team spirit and revenue. Create a rewards catalog tailored to your team's preferences. See immediate effects as employees feel valued and motivated. Engage Life helps foster a positive work environment where recognition drives productivity and growth.

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Recognition in many ways

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    Celebrate special occasions

    Honor special occasions by providing unique access to our rewards storefront to different groups within your organization. Whether it's Women's Day, Employee Appreciation Day, or a team milestone, offer exclusive gift codes to allow your team members to explore and shop in your personalized store. Celebrate their contributions in a meaningful and memorable way.

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    Show appreciation

    Express gratitude with personalized access to your rewards shop. Offer individuals a special gift code as a thank you for attending company events, completing projects, or reaching service anniversaries. Acknowledge their efforts and make them feel valued.

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    Training participation

    Make training sessions more engaging by offering redeemable gift codes for your shop. Encourage participation by rewarding employees who complete courses, pass certifications, or attend workshops. Support their professional growth with this motivating reward.

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    Rewarding referrals

    Enhance the joy of referrals with attractive rewards. Offer great incentive gift codes not only for referring new customers but also for recommending new hires or partners. Strengthen your network and create a win-win situation for everyone involved.

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    Apologize with a gift

    Turn apologies into positive experiences. Provide a redemption gift code as a gesture of reconciliation for any inconvenience, whether it’s a service disruption, a delayed delivery, or a product issue. Show your commitment to making things right and restoring satisfaction.

Effortless recognition and rewards

Recognition should be simple. Our platform offers easy access and reward redemption for a smooth experience. Custom rewards tailored to your team’s preferences boost satisfaction, improve team spirit, and drive productivity. Celebrate milestones with physical rewards, experiences, or vouchers, ensuring employees feel valued and motivated.

  • Personalized codesUse your personalized code to enter your secure portal and unlock exclusive rewards.
  • Branded portal Log in with your personalized code to access your secure rewards portal.
  • Explore and selectBrowse a curated selection of personalized rewards. Choose incentives that fit your preferences.
  • Redeem your rewardsRedeem your chosen reward and enjoy the benefits of your recognition journey with ease.

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Reward Planner: easy milestone management

Streamline how you celebrate employee milestones.

Reward Planner simplifies and automates employee recognition. Upload key milestones like birthdays, work anniversaries, and other achievements once. The system then monitors these dates to ensure timely recognition.

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Automated, personalized celebrations

Reward Planner automatically sends personalized emails to employees on their special days, with unique codes for the company-branded shop. Celebrate important moments seamlessly, ensuring each milestone is acknowledged without extra effort.

Seamlessly integrated with leading platforms

Effortlessly connect with your existing CRM and HRM tools for automated data exchange and real-time updates. Our SaaS incentive software is designed to integrate flawlessly with leading tools like HubSpot, Salesforce, C4C, and Workday, ensuring a unified experience across all your business processes.

With our integration, you’ll experience streamlined workflows that automate routine tasks, freeing up your team to focus on strategic initiatives that drive growth and improve performance. Moreover, you’ll leverage the power of combined data analytics to gain deeper insights into your incentive programs, helping you make informed decisions that align with your business objectives.

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Connected with your favorite tools

Effortlessly connect with your existing CRM and HRM tools for automated data exchange and real-time updates. Our existing integrations kickstart your incentive and rewards program’s success.

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Robust data security and integrity

Rest assured that your sensitive data is protected. Our solution prioritizes cutting-edge security measures to safeguard your information with confidence.

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Secure API integrations

API integrations facilitate seamless connectivity with multiple Enterprise Software systems, enabling your incentive and rewards programs to scale effortlessly. Our solution supports your growth without compromising performance.

Celebration becomes a breeze

Unique codes

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Ensure secure and exclusive access to rewards, making each occasion special and memorable.

Personalized messaging

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Enhance engagement by making every interaction meaningful and relevant, fostering a stronger connection with your employees.

Branded experience

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Create a seamless and cohesive experience that aligns with your corporate identity, enhancing brand loyalty and recognition.

Gift selection

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Let recipients choose their gifts from one integrated platform, ensuring they find something they truly appreciate.

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