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Let's create Engagement. Better. Faster. Together.

Whether it's boosting employee satisfaction or elevating your sales figures, our goal remains the same: to empower you in motivating people through combining impressive technology, proven motivational tactics, compelling communications, inspiring rewards, and smart data insights.

Motisha provides an integrated and comprehensive solution for companies who aim to motivate their clients, partners, or employees. Let over 20 years of industry experience work for you.

Why choose Motisha?

Motisha’s smart incentive tools drive genuine behavioral changes and boost performance in your teams and partner network.

Our scalable, customizable solutions empower you to implement tailored motivational tactics, ensuring your people reap the rewards upon achieving company goals. With access to thousands of inspiring rewards, experiences, eco-friendly products, and gift cards on your personalized rewards storefront.

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About us

Motisha means ‘to motivate people’ in the Swahili language. The story started in 2002, with our first online incentive program launching in 2004. More than 20 years later, Motisha is an internationally acclaimed, award-winning incentive specialist with its headquarters in Bruges, Belgium.

Over the years, Motisha developed its own software, showcasing the unique benefits of its incentive programs. But however impressive our technology has become, our main focus remains on the people. We are proud to have the best servicing team in the industry, helping hundreds of clients with custom solutions.

It's all about engagement.

Gunther Everaert

What do loyalty and engagement mean to Motisha?

Loyalty and engagement are not just at the core of our solutions; they are also fundamental values that define Motisha as a company. These principles form the foundation for building lasting relationships with our valued employees, customers, partners, and other key stakeholders. They foster mutual trust and understanding, helping us navigate challenging times together and creating relationships that generate true synergies.

We take pride in the fact that these values have resonated with our customers and partners for over 20 years. They are embodied daily by our team, with every member contributing to this shared commitment. The testimonials from our colleagues highlight the genuine connections and shared passion that make Motisha unique.

Gunther Everaert, CEO

Loyalty means a long-term commitment. After nearly 12 years with the company, I am dedicated to its best interests, open to new tasks, and eager to learn. My journey from customer care to accountancy and HR shows this. Engagement involves daily dedication, striving for excellence, and reliability. Key elements include trustworthiness, focus, proactivity, and a critical perspective.


For me, loyalty and engagement in a work context means having a strong, positive relation with my work, colleagues and management. When both sides of these relationships behave in a encouraging, supportive way you obtain accountability on both sides, based on respect, trust and fairness.

Customer Service

As a .NET developer, loyalty to me means delivering high-quality, reliable solutions on time. Engagement is about continuous learning and keeping up with the latest technologies. Together, we build solutions that are scalable and exceed expectations.

Software Developer

Why choose Motisha?

Omnichannel sales incentivization

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Motisha supports multiple points of sale platforms allowing you to grow and further your reach.

Customized rewards

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We offer a large selection of high-quality brand rewards, vouchers and experiences for your employees, customers, and partners. You define the appropriate rewards for small and large successes.

Make it fun and easy

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Using gamification, our user interface is accessible to even the least tech-savvy people.

Subscription based pricing

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You control the cost at all times. There are no hidden fees or maintenance costs.

Our team is looking forward to start a conversation.

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