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Transform work into rewarding experiences

Engage Sales transforms everyday tasks into opportunities for achievement and recognition. By integrating our platform, your team members earn points for their contributions, which translate into tangible rewards. This system motivates, and appreciates their efforts, turning routine work into exciting opportunities.

Motivate with every action

Every project completed, every target met, and every initiative taken contributes to an employee's point tally and motivation level. These points are a versatile currency within our platform, opening doors to a variety of premium, name-brand rewards. Here’s how your employees benefit:

  • Customize the earning criteria and rewards to align with your organizational goals and employee preferences.
  • Points are credited in real-time, reflecting their achievements without delay.
  • Employees can redeem their points at any time, choosing from an extensive catalog of products.
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Dynamic opportunities to earn

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    KPI's and achievements

    Set specific Key Performance Indicators and automatically reward employees when targets are met. The direct link between performance and rewards boosts motivation and drives business outcomes.

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    Daily or weekly trivia

    Keep your team's knowledge sharp and engagement high: upload custom questions and answers, and tailor content to reinforce company policies, highlight best practices, or share industry news. Daily trivia informs and inspires, turning routine learning into a game.

  • A person participating in online training.

    Training engagement

    Encourage professional development with training sessions that reward progress. As employees advance their skills, they earn points, and you foster a culture of growth and recognition.

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    Survey participation

    Gain valuable insights while rewarding employees for their input through surveys. Each completed survey contributes to company data, and to the employee’s point tally.

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    Referral activation

    Enable your sales teams to easily add referrals attracting new customers, partners or employees. Earning them points for each successful outcome. Growing your business in the most cost-effective way.

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    Scanning codes

    Add an element of surprise to the routine. Place QR codes within packages or at event locations to offer a treasure hunt experience. When employees discover and scan the codes, they automatically earn points.

Turn achievements into rewards

Explore our international catalog and see how your hard-earned points can be redeemed for a variety of exciting rewards. Engage and motivate your team with our extensive selection of rewards, providing the perfect incentive to drive performance.

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Gain actionable insights and drive results

Unlock valuable data to understand your incentive program's business impact and sales growth improvements. Discover real time insights about engagement levels, top performers, reward preferences and so much more. Adjust the program to meet your KPI's and continuously drive your performance to a higher level.

Establish comprehensive control

Effortlessly design incentive programs and launch targeted campaigns through a user-friendly backend interface. Empower your administrators to manage sales growth initiatives, including setting up incentive rules, streamlining rewards, personalizing communications, and triggering engagement. Real-time data reporting, customizable dashboards, and robust security ensure successful, quick-to-launch incentive and rewards programs that drive overall business success.

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Visual showing different kinds of integrations with the loyalty platform, including Hubspot, Comarch, Salesforce and SAP / C4C.

Seamlessly integrated with leading platforms

Effortlessly connect with your existing CRM and HRM tools for automated data exchange and real-time updates. Our SaaS incentive software is designed to integrate flawlessly with leading tools like HubSpot, Salesforce, C4C, and Workday, ensuring a unified experience across all your business processes.

With our integration, you’ll experience streamlined workflows that automate routine tasks, freeing up your team to focus on strategic initiatives that drive growth and improve performance. Moreover, you’ll leverage the power of combined data analytics to gain deeper insights into your incentive programs, helping you make informed decisions that align with your business objectives.

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Connected with your favorite tools

Effortlessly connect with your existing CRM and HRM tools for automated data exchange and real-time updates. Our existing integrations kickstart your incentive and rewards program’s success.

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Robust data security and integrity

Rest assured that your sensitive data is protected. Our solution prioritizes cutting-edge security measures to safeguard your information with confidence.

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Secure API integrations

API integrations facilitate seamless connectivity with multiple Enterprise Software systems, enabling your incentive and rewards programs to scale effortlessly. Our solution supports your growth without compromising performance.

Configurable incentive programs for success

Effective program design

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You can set incentivisation campaigns across specific roles, split rewards between teams and across short or long term sales campaigns.

Personalized communication

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Address individual preferences, motivations, and achievements to encourage engagement. Experience the power of timely recognition in reinforcing desired behaviors.

Custom rewards

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Enhance your team's spirit and performance with bespoke rewards—celebrate every milestone and achievement for a vibrant workplace culture. Enjoy global fulfillment, without the worry.

Performance tracking and measurement

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Monitor real-time performance and engagement metrics compared to targets. Visualize individual and team results with ease through intuitive dashboards.

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