Case study: Trucking Industry

A leading American company specializing in recruitment and onboarding solutions tailored for the transport and logistics sector, has partnered with us to tackle critical industry challenges. Together, we're addressing pain points such as driver shortage and turnover by leveraging our loyalty platform to enhance driver retention. With our comprehensive suite of software and services, we streamline and simplify the hiring process for trucking companies, enabling them to better achieve retention goals and drive positive change in the industry.


Client Background

The target clientele of our client includes trucking companies across the USA, where truck drivers are the primary end-users of their platforms. In an industry grappling with a severe shortage of skilled drivers, estimated at over 380,000 in Europe alone in 2021, the competition for talent is fierce. Moreover, concerns regarding safety on the road, high turnover rates ranging from 20% to 60% in 2020, and challenges in driver retention due to work-life balance issues have plagued the industry.


  • Driver Shortage: A significant shortage of truck drivers across the industry.
  • High Turnover: Skyrocketing turnover rates, fueled by various factors including work-life balance concerns.
  • Safety Concerns: Increasing safety concerns among drivers, impacting both retention and recruitment efforts.
  • Competition for Skilled Drivers: Intense competition for skilled drivers, posing a constant challenge for trucking companies.

Project Overview

Our client embarked on a transformative project aimed at enhancing driver retention by focusing on incentivizing loyalty and ensuring driver safety. The core of this project was the development of a comprehensive platform designed to engage and retain truck drivers.

Key Solutions of the Platform

  • Daily Engagement: Drivers are encouraged to actively participate in daily safety-related quizzes and satisfaction surveys, earning points for their contributions.
  • Training and Development: The platform offers extensive training modules covering various aspects of safety and professional development. Drivers earn points upon completion of these modules, fostering a culture of continuous learning and skill enhancement.
  • Recognition and Rewards: Points are awarded to drivers on special occasions such as birthdays and work anniversaries, reinforcing a sense of appreciation and recognition.
  • Incentivized Loyalty: By gamifying the training process and incentivizing participation, our client effectively encourages drivers to invest in their own safety and professional growth while fostering loyalty to their employers.


The implementation of our client's innovative platform yielded remarkable results for its clients:

  • Improved Retention: Clients experienced a noticeable decrease in turnover rates, attributed to the enhanced engagement and loyalty fostered through the platform.
  • Enhanced Safety: By incentivizing participation in safety-related activities and training modules, our client contributed to a safer working environment for truck drivers.
  • Increased Satisfaction: Drivers reported higher levels of satisfaction with their employers, driven by the recognition, rewards, and opportunities for professional growth facilitated by the platform.


Our customer's pioneering approach to driver retention represents a significant breakthrough for the transportation industry. By prioritizing safety, engagement, and continuous learning, our client empowers trucking companies to overcome the challenges of driver shortage and turnover, ultimately fostering a more resilient and thriving workforce. As the industry continues to evolve, our client remains at the forefront, driving positive change and delivering tangible results for its clients.

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