Case study: Vaillant

Picture of Peter KoelewijnPeter Koelewijn — Marketing Manager at Vaillant Group Netherlands

Logo Vaillant

For over 140 years, Vaillant has been a pioneer in the heating market, from early water heaters to the 'combi' boiler. Today, they lead in renewable technologies, offering sustainable, energy-saving solutions for heating and hot water. Known for high efficiency, low emissions, and reliability, Vaillant’s forward-thinking culture and dedication to top-notch customer service make them a trusted choice in Europe.

Why We Partnered with Motisha

Our collaboration with Motisha began in 2018. We needed to modernize our online customer loyalty store for our installers, which was outdated and lacking in product variety. Motisha provided the perfect solution, allowing us to upgrade our platform and enhance our customer loyalty program. With Motisha, we integrated our branding and synced the platform with our existing CRM system. Our Sales team, using Salesforce, could now accurately track customer loyalty points and product purchase history, key to customer success.

Benefits of the Partnership

Screenshot of the Vaillant Loyalty Shop

Aligning our marketing team with Motisha's was seamless. The collaboration was smooth, with both parties understanding each other's needs. Motisha’s expertise in loyalty programs helped us deliver the right scheme for our customers, strengthening relationships with both repeat and new customers.

We saw rapid growth after adopting Motisha as our loyalty platform. Gift card redemptions increased by 5.5 times from 2018 to 2019. Motisha designed and developed the platform to match our branding, allowing us to sell our products, such as boilers and other materials, and offer a wider variety of gift cards and local products, catering to our customers' brand preferences.

The Motisha team is exceptional. We had a single point of contact at all times, and they were quick and reliable in resolving any issues or making platform adjustments. Unlike our previous long and unreliable product deployment model, Motisha ensured fast and timely deployment, crucial to our growth and product distribution.

Customer Journey

Our installers earn loyalty points with each purchase of our boiler and renewable energy products. Through the Motisha platform, they can view and use these points to buy gift cards, local products and services, and Vaillant products, now available on the platform.

Engage Sales

An icon showing a representation of people using our Engage Sales product

Elevate your sales figures by rewarding good performances with a smart incentive plan.

  • Install a transparent, engaging and personalized reward mechanism.
  • Monitor how your salespeople are performing by integrating your existing CRM.

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Not only are our sales representatives enjoying a healthy salary, they are now enjoying extra benefits through Motisha's incentivisation platform and getting the recognition they deserve for going the extra mile.

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