Case study: IT Industry

An esteemed global IT-channel distributor partners with us to boost sales and build customer loyalty through a unique channel incentive program. The program leverages a loyalty platform to enhance product visibility and incentivize purchases, achieving significant sales growth and strengthening relationships with their reseller customers.


Client Background

A leader in the IT distribution industry, this company provides a comprehensive range of products and services to over 120,000 distributors in more than 100 countries. Renowned for their high-quality and innovative products, they focus on functionality, safety, and design to meet the needs of both IT professionals and end-users. Their solutions are widely used in various projects, from small businesses to large enterprises worldwide.


In a competitive market, the client faces several challenges:

  • Product Promotion: Increasing the visibility and sales of specific product packages within a short promotional period.
  • Customer Engagement: Engaging IT resellers to participate in the promotional campaign.
  • Building Loyalty: Creating long-term loyalty among customers by offering meaningful incentives.
  • Market Differentiation: Differentiating their products from competitors' offerings.

Project Overview

The client launches an annual umbrella channel incentive program, targeting IT resellers. The program is structured to maximize reseller engagement and sales through a series of quarterly and annual incentive campaigns. Each quarter offers unique incentives and exclusive events, while the overall annual performance determines eligibility for a foreign exclusive incentive trip.

The program allows resellers to earn points based on their turnover in specific product categories and participation in additional vendor incentive campaigns. These points can be redeemed for various rewards, including exclusive events and inspiring incentives. The top performers in each quarter qualify for exclusive events, while those with the highest overall points by year-end earn the foreign exclusive incentive trip.

The program is managed through the Motisha platform and its incentive CMS module, enabling easy integration of vendor-specific incentive campaigns and maximizing reseller engagement through a single sign-on procedure, a clever points algorithm, and ongoing integrated communications. This approach ensures continuous engagement, maximizes upselling and cross-selling opportunities, and drives significant sales growth.

Key Solutions of the Program

  • Quarterly Incentive Structure: The program is divided into four quarters, each offering unique and exclusive events as incentives to maximize engagement.
  • Points-Based Rewards System: Resellers earn points based on their turnover in specific product categories.
  • Vendor Integration: The program allows for seamless integration of individual vendor incentive campaigns through the Motisha platform, enabling vendors to promote their products and achieve their sales targets. Vendors can choose from seven different incentive schemes provided by the CMS module.
  • Comprehensive Management Platform: The Motisha platform facilitates easy management of quarterly incentive campaigns and vendor integrations. Features include a single sign-on procedure, integrated communications (emails, platform messages, banners, flyers), and real-time tracking of reseller performance.
  • High Engagement and Participation: The program's design ensures high engagement rates, with 76% of resellers returning and active participation in both quarterly and vendor-specific campaigns. Continuous communication and updates keep resellers informed and motivated.


The implementation of the promotional campaign achieves impressive results:

  • Increased Sales: The targeted promotional packages see a significant increase in sales, driven by the campaign-labeled products in the extranet shop.
  • Enhanced Engagement: IT resellers actively participate in the campaign, collecting points and engaging with the online rewards shop.
  • Strengthened Loyalty: The attractive rewards help build long-term loyalty, encouraging customers to continue purchasing the client's products.
  • Greater Product Awareness: Customers become more familiar with the broad range of products offered by the client, increasing overall brand visibility.


The client's strategic approach to product promotion and customer loyalty in the IT distribution industry yields remarkable success. By leveraging our loyalty platform, they boost sales, enhance customer engagement, and build stronger relationships with their reseller customers. As the IT industry continues to evolve, our client remains at the forefront, driving sales growth and customer loyalty through creative and effective promotional strategies.

Engage Sales

An icon showing a representation of people using our Engage Sales product

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  • Install a transparent, engaging and personalized reward mechanism.
  • Monitor how your salespeople are performing by integrating your existing CRM.

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