Case study: Electrical Industry

An esteemed Italian company specializing in the production of electrical components and systems, partnered with us to boost sales and build customer loyalty. Through a targeted promotional campaign leveraging our loyalty platform, we aimed to enhance product visibility and incentivize purchases. By offering attractive rewards, we helped our client achieve significant sales growth and strengthen relationships with their electrician and installer customers.

Screenshot of the homepage of the Gewiss Belgium rewards project

Client Background

A leader in the electrical industry, provides a comprehensive range of products, including switches, outlets, lighting, cable management systems, distribution boards, and home automation solutions. Renowned for their high-quality and innovative products, they focus on functionality, safety, and design to meet the needs of both construction professionals and end-users. Their solutions are widely used in various projects, from residential homes to commercial and industrial installations worldwide.


In a competitive market, our client faced several challenges:

  • Product Promotion: Increasing the visibility and sales of specific product packages (colli pakketten) within a short promotional period.
  • Customer Engagement: Engaging electricians and installers to participate in the promotional campaign.
  • Building Loyalty: Creating long-term loyalty among customers by offering meaningful incentives.
  • Market Differentiation: Differentiating their products from competitors' offerings.

Project Overview

They launched a short-term promotional campaign targeting electricians and installers in Belgium. The campaign focused on incentivizing purchases of specific colli packages. Each package included a flyer with a QR code directing customers to our client's website. The more packages they purchased, the more QR codes they could collect and redeem for rewards in an online shop. This initiative aimed to boost sales of targeted products, increase brand awareness, and build customer loyalty through attractive incentives.

Key Solutions of the Program

  • QR Code Incentives: Flyers with QR codes were included in each promotional colli package, directing customers to an online rewards shop.
  • Collectible Codes: Customers could collect QR codes from multiple purchases to redeem for a variety of rewards.
  • Diverse Rewards: The online shop offered a wide range of incentives, encouraging continuous engagement and repeat purchases.
  • Short-Term Impact: Designed as a brief campaign, it aimed to create a quick sales spike and long-lasting customer engagement.


The implementation of our client's promotional campaign achieved impressive results:

  • Increased Sales: The targeted promotional packages saw a significant increase in sales, driven by the QR code incentives.
  • Enhanced Engagement: Electricians and installers actively participated in the campaign, collecting codes and engaging with the online rewards shop.
  • Strengthened Loyalty: The attractive rewards helped build long-term loyalty, encouraging customers to continue purchasing our client's products.
  • Greater Product Awareness: Customers became more familiar with the broad range of products offered by our client, increasing overall brand visibility.


Our customer's innovative approach to product promotion and customer loyalty in the electrical industry yielded remarkable success. By leveraging our loyalty platform, they boosted sales, enhanced customer engagement, and built stronger relationships with their electrician and installer customers. As the electrical industry continues to evolve, our client remains at the forefront, driving sales growth and customer loyalty through creative and effective promotional strategies.

Engage Sales

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