Case study: Würth

Picture of Robert De WitRobert de Wit — Managing Director at Würth Belux

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Würth, the world leader in assembly and fastening materials, supports trade, construction, and industry professionals in over 80 countries, including Ireland. We serve a wide range of customers, from maintenance workshops and construction sites to industrial enterprises and car companies.

Enhanced Sales Strategy with Motisha


To increase sales productivity, we adopted an omni-channel strategy, adding stores and an online eshop to our traditional sales approach. However, the challenge was driving customers to these points of sale. This is where Motisha played a crucial role in motivating our sales team and boosting our ROI. Previously, our sales representatives focused solely on turnover. Now, with Motisha's incentive platform, they also concentrate on cross-selling products. The platform allows our employees to track their performance and earn extra benefits, on top of their salaries, for their efforts.

Seamless Integration and Employee Engagement

Managing the platform is straightforward. Motisha handled the branding and gift offerings we wanted, eliminating the challenges of our previous manual incentive programs. The seamless integration allows employees to check their performance status and order a wide selection of gifts with fast delivery. The expanding gift offering shows our employees are engaged and motivated by this new approach.

Exceptional Partnership and Future Growth

The Motisha team was exceptional, managing everything and tailoring the platform to our needs and timelines. We saved significant time and development costs, allowing us to focus on our core work while Motisha handles the rest. Additionally, the platform fosters a sense of reward and appreciation, as employees can redeem gifts for themselves and their families, enhancing their overall job satisfaction. We look forward to expanding our partnership with Motisha, as this is just the beginning.

Engage Sales

An icon showing a representation of people using our Engage Sales product

Elevate your sales figures by rewarding good performances with a smart incentive plan.

  • Install a transparent, engaging and personalized reward mechanism.
  • Monitor how your salespeople are performing by integrating your existing CRM.

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