Case study: Insurance Industry

A prominent American insurance company, has partnered with us to enhance agent engagement and drive sales of their health solutions. Leveraging our loyalty platform, we aim to boost retention and incentivize performance, thereby addressing critical challenges in the insurance sector. Through a comprehensive suite of software and services, we streamline the rewards process for agents, enabling them to achieve better results and foster a more motivated sales force.


Client Background

A trailblazer in the insurance industry, offers a wide range of insurance products, including auto, homeowners, and life insurance. Known for its emphasis on customer service and innovation, our client utilizes advanced technologies such as telematics and mobile apps to simplify insurance acquisition and claims processing. With a rich history and significant influence in the U.S. insurance market, our client is a key player committed to delivering exceptional service and innovative solutions.


In a competitive industry where agent motivation and retention are critical, our client faces several challenges:

  • Agent Engagement: Ensuring agents remain motivated and engaged in selling health solutions.
  • Sales Performance: Increasing the sales of insurance products amidst intense competition.
  • Retention: Retaining top-performing agents by providing compelling incentives beyond standard commissions.
  • Differentiation: Standing out in a crowded market by offering unique rewards and incentives to agents.

Project Overview

This project embarked on a long-term initiative to enhance agent engagement and drive sales through a comprehensive incentive program. The program allows agents to earn points for every sale of insurance products. These points can be redeemed from a catalog of over 900 rewards, including high-end merchandise and gift cards. This initiative is designed to motivate agents to prioritize insurance solutions, leading to increased sales and higher agent satisfaction.

Key Solutions of the Program

  • Points for Sales: Agents earn points for each sale of insurance products, encouraging a performance-driven culture.
  • Extensive Rewards Catalog: The program offers a wide array of incentives, including gift cards, luxury experiences such as cruises and golf lessons, and various physical rewards.
  • Additional Incentives: These rewards are in addition to standard commissions, providing extra motivation for agents to excel.
  • Long-Term Engagement: The program is designed for long-term engagement, ensuring sustained motivation and performance improvement over time.


The implementation of our client's innovative incentive program yielded remarkable results:

  • Increased Sales: Agents significantly increased their sales of insurance products, driven by the attractive rewards offered.
  • Higher Engagement: The program fostered a more engaged and motivated sales force, with agents actively participating and striving to earn points.
  • Improved Retention: Top-performing agents showed higher retention rates, appreciating the additional rewards and recognition for their efforts.
  • Enhanced Differentiation: The extensive rewards catalog and additional incentives helped our client stand out in the competitive insurance market.


This pioneering approach to agent engagement and motivation represents a significant breakthrough in the insurance industry. By leveraging our loyalty platform, our client has successfully increased sales, improved agent retention, and created a more motivated and engaged sales force. As the insurance industry continues to evolve, our client remains at the forefront, driving positive change and delivering exceptional results through innovative incentive programs.

"Absolutely fantastic! I love the rewards points program. Last year, I accumulated enough points to redeem several gift cards, which covered about half the cost of a new television. This year, I'm saving my points for Marriott gift cards to help fund a family trip."

– Drew

"I love the variety of choices the program offers, and the rewards usually arrive within 24-48 hours! The system is easy to use, and the support team has been fantastic!"

– Justin

Engage Sales

An icon showing a representation of people using our Engage Sales product

Elevate your sales figures by rewarding good performances with a smart incentive plan.

  • Install a transparent, engaging and personalized reward mechanism.
  • Monitor how your salespeople are performing by integrating your existing CRM.

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