Understanding human experience in the digital age

In today's digital landscape, it's crucial to remember that we are not just employees, partners, or customers – we are human beings. The concept of Human Experience (HX) encapsulates how individuals interact with your company, product, or service, offering a more holistic and human-centric perspective than Employee Experience (EX), Partner Experience (PX), or Customer Experience (CX).


HX focuses on the purpose behind our interactions with organizations or products. As American social reformer Charles Henry Parkhurst once said, "Purpose is what gives life a meaning." This idea is echoed by Mark Zuckerberg, who noted that "purpose is what creates true happiness." Thus, what gives life meaning also brings true happiness.

This perspective extends beyond our roles as employees, partners, or consumers, which occupy only part of our lives. Paul Campillo, in an insightful essay, emphasizes that products should enhance someone's life. He argues, "The human experience trumps everything, and a product or service designed with a contextual view of someone’s life will dominate the marketplace."

Campillo defines HX as the pinnacle of user experience (UX):

The ultimate UX of a product is HX. It’s the highest experience of what a product, company, or organization can bring to its users. The HX hooks every user because, in the end, there’s one thing most humans want more than anything: To feel more alive.

To achieve true HX, we must stop reducing people to their roles and recognize them as full human beings. According to Gartner, Digital Humanism is "the notion that people are the central focus in the manifestation of digital businesses and digital workplaces." This means prioritizing the human element over technological domination and using technology as a means to enhance human life.

As Simon Sinek suggests, we must "start with why." The purpose of technology should be to serve humanity, not the other way around. Achieving this requires a shift in perspective, akin to a modern Renaissance, where human values are at the forefront of digital innovation.

By embracing HX, we can create more meaningful and fulfilling interactions that resonate with the true essence of what it means to be human.