Motisha and ITA Group team up to enhance global engagement solutions

Motisha, the Belgium-based leader in corporate engagement solutions, is joining forces with ITA Group, a renowned global engagement agency from the United States. This collaboration aims to deliver culturally relevant and locally managed engagement programs for clients with global employees, channel partners, and customers, across North America and Europe.

What this means for clients

This strategic partnership between Motisha and ITA Group brings a host of benefits:

  • Enhanced Global Perspective: Gain insights with culturally sensitive engagement programs.
  • Local Program Management: Benefit from in-region management throughout North America and Europe.
  • Advanced Technology and Award Capabilities: Access superior global tech, communications, and rewards.

Fintan Connolly, Motisha’s Chief Revenue Officer, expresses his enthusiasm: “This partnership highlights the commitment both Motisha and ITA Group have towards providing a truly local experience on a global scale. We’re excited about the future possibilities for our organizations.”

A step forward in global engagement

For ITA Group, this affiliation marks a significant milestone in their global strategy. Kurt Hosna, ITA Group’s Director of Global Strategy, explains, “Our European expansion allows us to offer stronger, culturally sensitive programs to clients aiming to connect and motivate their teams across Europe. Understanding regional nuances and leveraging a strong supplier network are key to achieving maximum business results.”

Gunther Everaert, CEO of Motisha, adds, “This partnership meets the rising demand for data-driven business insights that enhance engagement and performance. It’s a powerful combination of our joint strengths.”

Brent Vander Waal, President and CEO of ITA Group, underscores the importance of this expansion: “Serving our clients with European-based audiences more effectively is a pivotal move. As global engagement programs become essential to our clients’ long-term strategies, this partnership is a crucial step in our ongoing global expansion.”

About Motisha

Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Bruges, Belgium, Motisha is an award-winning provider of engagement technology. Their cloud-based solutions help some of the world’s most admired brands connect their corporate culture to a shared purpose, engaging employees, partners, and customers worldwide.

About ITA Group

ITA Group delivers custom-crafted global engagement solutions designed to motivate and inspire employees, channel partners, and customers. With operations worldwide, ITA Group uses proven strategies to fuel advocacy and drive business results for some of the world's biggest brands.

Motisha and ITA Group are excited to embark on this journey together, enhancing global engagement solutions and delivering exceptional value to clients across continents. Stay tuned for more updates as this partnership unfolds!