Why Motisha?

Motisha, the premium online platform developed by SwingGroup, is all about planning, organizing, streamlining and automating your complex incentive, loyalty, recognition and rewarding programmes. From the initial concept right up to the final fulfilment. Motisha has been tailored to the needs of B2B and B2B2C companies, incentive, event or reward suppliers and Value Added Resellers alike. As such it is a comprehensive and time-saving solution, invariably leading to better business results.

Result driven technology!

Motisha undoubtedly is the most powerful, stable, intuitive and easy-to-use incentive and loyalty software available today. The platform comes with a choice of standard product solutions, allowing for extra customized modules aimed at your particular business needs and specific type of incentives. Our proven experience and leadership in the field, coupled with a proprietary state-of-the-art technology, allows you to always get the most out of your clients, contacts, employees and relations.

Become a Motisha reseller or supplier!


Motisha Value Added Resellers

Due to its innovative character Motisha opens up new opportunities for Value Added Resellers by increasing their customer loyalty, building new long-term client relationships, offering attractive new services and by means of monitoring the success rate per client and per incentive campaign.

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Motisha Suppliers

Nationally and internationally operating incentive, event and reward suppliers can build up a competitive edge with Motisha by reaching unique B2B and B2B2C target groups, generating extra sales with minimal effort and by means of monitoring the success rates per client, product category or type of incentive.


What customers and partners say about Motisha

Watch the video Guus Lakeman
Director - Unlimited Communication

The Unlimited Communication agency inspires and motivates thanks to the Motisha platform
In 2004 Unlimited Communication was looking for a standard incentive and loyalty platform to support clients in achieving their goals. The SwingGroup Motisha platform looked like the perfect solution for their needs: “Because we work for companies of different sizes, the platform needed to be flexible and adjustable. Motisha enables us to offer optimal inspiration for each individual, each and every time”, said Guus Lakeman, director of United Communication. Watch the video to see how.   


Watch the video Guy Proost
Marketing en Communicatie Manager - Paperlinx

Turnover increase of up to 30% at Paperlinx thanks to SwingGift campaigns

Paperlinx is a paper goods wholesaler and an important logistics partner for printers, sign makers and companies in different sectors. The company was looking for an efficient solution to motivate clients and retailers to purchase bigger volumes. Thanks to SwingGift campaigns with Vouchers, Paperlinx succeeded in increasing its turnover by 30%. Watch the video to see how.  


Watch the video Xavier Lalieu
Communication Coordinator - Vaillant

Successful automation of heating specialist Vaillants incentive programme
Vaillant is a major producer of classic as well as eco-friendly heating equipment. In order to keep their installer-customers on their toes, they elaborated the continuous ‘Win-Every-Day’ incentive programme five years ago in collaboration with SwingGroup. This year they decided to further streamline the programme using the SwingGroup Motisha platform. They can now offer an even better service and save money at the same time. Watch the video to see how.   


Watch the video Mick Daman
CEO - Universal Communication

Universal Communication streamlines recruitment via social media

Universal Communication is a full-service communication agency specialising in HR communication. Thanks to SwingJob and SwingGroup’s Motisha platform they can now tap into new and important candidate potential by using employee referrals via social media. As a result company staff are involved more actively and more successfully in the recruitment process. Watch the video to see how.