Motisha’s high-performance solutions
You’ve already decided you need an incentive programme to grow your business but are still debating on the best of doing it? Motisha’s high-performance and proven software solutions can help you quickly and easily. Use Motisha’s easy-to-use wizard to create a high-impact incentive campaign by yourself and drive your business onwards and upwards.
Motisha's high-performance solutions

Use Motisha to power up your:

Corporate incentive & rewards programmes
Motivate your stakeholders to perform better
B2B-B2E loyalty programmes
Increase the commitment of your stakeholders.

Corporate Incentive & Rewards programmes

Give your sales and marketing a boost
Motivate and engage your distributors and resellers more intelligently to maximize sales opportunities in all your channels.

Create happier, more motivated employees
Looking to motivate your employees and stimulate outstanding performance? 
Motisha helps you reward your ‘human’ resources in a more targeted and appropriate way.

Increase sales efficiency with an incentive
Motisha can help you improve both your top and bottom line by motivating your mid-level performers, one-on-one, to raise their game.

Raise your incentive game with Motisha

B2B-B2E loyalty programmes

Keep your customers happy and loyal
Do you want to focus on significant growth and higher retention of existing customers? Motisha will help you deliver greater loyalty and better brand ambassadorship.

Reward positive behaviour by employees
Promote your brand through highly effective word-of-mouth advertising, and create a stronger emotional bond with your employees. Motisha lets you reward your brand ambassadors in a whole new way, while also strengthening their brand loyalty.

Strengthen your corporate loyalty now

Customer stories

TechData td.boomerang, a high-impact channel incentive solution boosting revenue through smart cross- and upselling.
TechData created its td.boomerang reseller incentive programme in 2011. After running their in-house built solution for a couple of years, they experienced a decrease in customer satisfaction and realised they were missing out on cross- and upselling opportunities with their vendors.
With the Motisha technology, TechData is able to instantly add targeted vendor branded incentive campaigns to their own td.boomerang loyalty programme. This maximises revenue streams by intelligently cross- and upselling while also raising the overall customer experience levels.
Thanks to the new incentive platform, TechData has seen a significant yearly increase of at least 25% for single vendor incentive campaigns and double-digit revenue growth. It has also won several industry awards.
“ We particularly wanted to optimise our channel partner relationships. So we searched for an easy and scalable solution to integrate our vendors’ incentive campaigns into our existing td.boomerang loyalty programme. ”
- Karel De Meersman - Business Development Manager Benelux
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EasyWay, a travel agent incentive solution stimulating sales of company travel products, thereby raising bottom line profits.
The sales of Thomas Cooks’ own travel products through its travel agent network is a key success factor in raising the company’s margins and bottom line profits. Thomas Cook needed an incentive platform that could easily integrate sales data with customer data and flexibly reward in function of results achieved.
With the Motisha technology, Thomas Cook chose for a smart all-in-one incentive platform solution with proven knowhow in high-level enterprise software integrations. The result was mastery of all campaign data in one hub and the ability to incentivise travel agents one on one with company products, as well as other appealing rewards.
Thanks to Motisha’s secure enterprise software integrations and smart campaign management features, Thomas Cook has dropped its Total Cost of Ownership significantly. It has also increased its sales figures and lowered its rewards budget by selectively adding discounted own company trips to the rewards portfolio.
“ The connectivity and intelligence of the Motisha platform helps us motivate our travel agents better and stimulates the sales of our company own products not once but twice. ”
- Joeri Baczkowski - Corporate Event manager
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